Keystroke Description:
Keystroke No. 1:
Line 3: Open the program
Line 4: Select Split or Merge the files
Line 5: Select the source files to be processed (if any)
Line 6: Select the format of the output file (e.g.,.txt,.pdf,.jpg)
Line 7: Specify the destination folder (if any)
Line 8: Select Ask for next file if any
Line 9: Select the number of segments to split/merge files into
Line 10: Select the size of the segments
Line 11: Move to the next file, if needed
LINE 12: Select the name and format of the output file, if any
LINE 13: Move to the next file, if needed
Line 14: Select Yes to split files or No to merge files
Line 15: Move to the next file, if needed
LINE 16: Select Next file if any
Line 17: Select whether you want to remove the files after splitting/merging
LINE 18: Move to the next file, if needed
Line 19: Move to the next file, if needed
Line 20: Select the name and format of the output file, if any
Line 21: Move to the next file, if needed
LINE 22: Select Next file if any
Line 23: Select the name and format of the output file, if any
Line 24: Move to the next file, if needed
Line 25: Select Next file if any
Line 26: Select the name and format of the output file, if any
Line 27: Move to the next file, if needed
Line 28: Move to the next file, if needed
Line 29: Select Finish splitting or Select Finish merging
Line 30: Select the destination folder (if any)
Line 31: Select Done if any
LINE 32: Select Cancel to cancel the operation
Alternate Splitter is a freeware. It can be downloaded from the link below.

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Key macros are used to type certain keyboard strokes that can be automatically repeated every certain time.
Key macro recorder is a free, full-featured program that will help you record your keyboard macros. You can define different keyboard macros to suit your needs, and you can record up to 5 macros at once. Additionally, you can monitor your keystrokes and select which ones to record.

Key Macro Recorder displays your record with useful timing information. You can also filter your macro records based on the time elapsed. You can search for macros by using the text or binary search functions.
Key Macro Recorder supports importing and exporting your macros to text files.

Record your keyboard and mouse macros
The program offers you an easy-to-use interface, which includes a toolbar where you can record a new macro or edit an existing one.
After you have recorded a macro, it will be displayed on the toolbar along with the associated command description, you can choose to assign a macro to a key combination or use it to trigger an action.
Additionally, you can choose to monitor all of the keystrokes on your PC, and select specific ones that you want to record.
If you want to monitor a specific action, you can use a binary search to find the action you need among the list of recorded keystrokes.
Key Macro Recorder has a collection of predefined macros that you can use to configure the application.

For example, you can press F1 key twice to access Help menu, enter F8 to perform a quick clean of your registry, or press ALT+Shift+F4 to quickly save a document as PDF.
Key Macro Recorder can record multiple macro with one keystroke, which is very useful to reduce typing errors.
Add Key Macro Recorder to your toolbars
Key Macro Recorder can add its toolbar to a number of user toolbars, including:

Accessibility Toolbar

Command Bar

Default Windows Toolbar

File Explorer Toolbar

General Toolbar

Menu Bar

Status Bar

View Bar

Key Macro Recorder does not require any installation process or additional files to run.

ATTENTION! After you install the program you will find a shortcut to start the program on your desktop.

Change the settings of Key Macro Recorder

Most of the features that you can use in the application are configurable in the Options dialog.

When you want to change the maximum number